If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.


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fil rouge Slovenia colour scheme violet / black / white wedding style modern Anvilin wedding stationery When such a boutique country attracts and fascinates the hearts of so many different people from all around the world. When the wedding becomes an experience filled with

fil rouge  watercolour colour scheme  peach / pink wedding style  chic / romantic Anvilin  wedding stationery, wedding decoration The playful summer atmosphere is achieved through positive and warm colours. They are paired with the soft palette of the chosen flowers. Garden lights and table candles

fil rouge lampions colour scheme pastel green / pastel pink wedding style modern Anvilin wedding stationery, wedding decoration The contemporary, relaxed and elegant ambience is created by simple textile decoration and ambiance lighting. The assorted table decoration diversifies the large space, while the combination of

fil rouge natural look colour scheme  ssoft pink/white wedding style  rustic / vintage Anvilin civil ceremony design concept, handmade table bouquets, wedding decoration The natural wooden decoration for the wedding creates a pleasantly warm and homely ambience, which is further enhanced by the aromas

fil rouge lace colour scheme white / natural (wood) wedding style romantic, country Anvilin wedding stationery, wedding decoration A pleasant atmosphere and a warm welcome. The feeling of homeliness in a room filled with wood and wooden elements. A romantic touch created by the lace

fil rouge peony colour scheme soft pink/Prussian blue wedding style elegant vintage Anvilin wedding stationery The sumptuous look of the mansion with its vintage flair and contemporary touch. The venue evokes the past, while the decoration brings in the present, inviting everybody to build a

fil rouge  bird colour scheme white / turquoise wedding style modern classic Anvilin wedding stationery, wedding decoration The wedding hall exudes the freshness of the colour white, with additions of silver and turquoise. Clear and clean lines underline the importance of the event, supplemented by carefully selected

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